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The Driplet allows growers to automate the delivery of pH up and down as well as the delivery of Nutrients, based upon a timer setting or actual live grow conditions.

Please note that the Motorleaf system requires each customer to purchase 1x HEART unit in order for other units to connect.

The Driplet is the final piece of the Motorleaf grow system. Wirelessly connect the Driplet to your HEART and Droplet to automate the delivery of pH and Nutrients to your water reservoir via a timer setting, or based upon live sensor readings.

The Driplet controls:

1. pH Up
2. pH Down
3. Nutrient A
4. Nutrient B

Control your reservoir nutrient concentration and pH.
Customize for different sized reservoir tanks - up to 500 Gallons.
Accurately dose with 4 peristaltic pumps.

The Driplet can only be installed with a Droplet + HEART connected.

The Driplet is built with multiple fail-safe features in order to prevent unintentional changes of pH/Nutrient mix in the reservoir.
1 - If the Droplet is off, the Driplet disables all pumps since the readings from the Droplet are the basis for manually or automatically controlling pH and nutrients.
2 - If the HEART is off or stops sending acknowledgment packets to the Driplet, the Driplet turns off all the pumps.
3 - If the Driplet can't communicate to the HEART, the pumps are turned off automatically.
4 - If the Driplet refreshes its address in the mesh, which can take anywhere from 2 - 15 seconds, the pumps are turned off to ensure that no pump is running longer than the predefined ON-time (4 seconds).

Motorleaf Driplet Specs:

4 peristaltic pumps that control pH UP, pH Down, Nutrient A,
Nutrient B.
100ml/min flow can accommodate up to 500 Gallon tank.
ON/OFF timers to allow for circulation – i.e.
Pump will be ON for 5 sec, OFF for 5 mins to allow for nutrient circulation and readings.
Tubing – inside diameter 2.5 mm, outside diameter 4.5 mm.