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Choose Free Water Level Sensor Size (details below)

Every 4 seconds the Droplet wirelessly sends data to the HEART, monitoring your water reservoir level, temperature, pH level and nutrient (TDS) levels - essential information for any grower to know at all times - wherever you may be.

Please note that the Motorleaf system requires each customer to purchase 1x HEART unit in order for other units to connect.

The Droplet monitors everything connected to your water reservoir:

1. Water level
2. Water temperature
3. Nutrient concentration
4. pH level

Free Water Level Sensor Included

In order to measure the water level you will need a water level sensor.  We offer one FOR FREE with the purchase of the Droplet. Please make sure to choose the correct length from the offered options above.

Here is the information that will help you determine the correct size sensor for your reservoir:

- The black part cannot be submerged in water.
- The bottom of the sensor is your lowest reservoir level setting, while the bar at the top is your highest reservoir level setting.


The Droplet can also accommodate additional controls by connecting the following equipment to Powerleaf(s):

  • Reservoir fill pump
  • Reservoir chiller
  • Reservoir heater

The Droplet comes pre-calibrated and the simple process of re-calibrating the sensors only needs to be done once per year.

Motorleaf Droplet Specs:

  • pH readings from 0.001 – 14.000, accuracy 0.02.
  • 1point, 2point and 3point calibration. Annual recalibration needed.
  • TDS readings from 0 – 3000 ppm, accuracy 2%.Temperature compensated readings at 1point, 2point calibration.
  • Temperature readings from -20C – 133C, accuracy 1C.
  • Submersible, watertight, non-reactive.
  • Water Level Readings from 0 – 100%. Accuracy1%. Low high level calibration.

For customers ordering the Motorleaf DROPLET, if you don't already have Atlas Scientific pH Probe and Atlas Scientific Conductivity Probe K 1.0 TDS probe, you MUST add these items to your cart so that the DROPLET can monitor your water reservoir tank pH and TDS. The Atlas Scientific Field Ready Temperature Probe will be added for free to your order. Motorleaf does not currently support other types of probes, even if they attach to our DROPLET hardware.

pH Probe
Conductivity Probe K 1.0
Temperature Probe