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The HEART is the center of Motorleaf’s monitoring and automation system. It can operate separately to monitor air temperature, relative humidity, and light level.

The HEART can connect to and control the PowerLeaf, Droplet, and Driplet to monitor and control more aspects of your grow environment.

With the Motorleaf HEART you can:

  • Control your grow environment.
  • Monitor Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Light levels.
  • Control your root feeder pump and lights with an internal timer measured by the second. View your data in graph form.
  • Configure email and desktop alerts for important set points throughout your indoor environment. 
  • Calibrate sensors.
  • Ethernet and Wifi Capabilities.
  • Plug in any USB webcam for crop monitoring
  • Plug in our preferred IP camera for general motion detection and time lapse functionality
  • Online and Stealth Mode (Offline) capability. 
  • Custom alerts only work in online mode (other than via desktop).

Motorleaf HEART Specs:

  • 2 outputs (root feeder and Lights) @ 15A max.
  • Timer function for outputs, resolution 0:01.
  • Relative Humidity Sensor 0.01% resolution, accuracy 2%.
  • Temperature Sensor 0.01 resolution, Range between 0 – 50 C/32 – 125F, Accuracy 1C/2F.
  • Light Sensor 0.01 % resolution, accuracy 2%.
  • Operating Temperature Range - 0 – 50 C/32 – 125F