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Other pieces of grow equipment (such as an AC or heater) can be connected to the network by connecting them to a Powerleaf unit. The Powerleaf connects wirelessly to the HEART which tells them when to turn on and off based upon pre-set times or sensor readings from the HEART and DROPLET.

Please note that the Motorleaf system requires each customer to purchase 1x HEART unit in order for other units to connect.

The Powerleaf automates your environment. Provided you have a Motorleaf HEART, each Powerleaf automates and controls any two of any of the following pieces of grow equipment: A/C, Fans, Heater, Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Reservoir Chiller, Reservoir Heater, Reservoir Pump.

The HEART will connect wirelessly with each Powerleaf and tell it when to turn on and off.

With the Powerleaf you can automate:
Air Cooler
Reservoir fill pump*
Reservoir chiller*
Reservoir heater*

*Needs Droplet connected

Easily customize setpoints for when your devices will turn ON/OFF and quickly soft or hard reset device. Quickly scale your operation by wirelessly connecting up to 99 Powerleaf’s to a single Motorleaf HEART. Each Powerleaf can operate 2 pieces of equipment - two of the same kind (example - two heaters) or two different (example - a heater plus a fan).

Motorleaf Powerleaf Specs:
2 outputs (customizable from dropdown menu) @ 15A max,
Control devices such as Heater, A/C, Humidifier, De-Humidifier, Fill-Up pump, Lights, Root Feeder, Pump, Reservoir Heater, Reservoir Cooler, Fan.
Wireless connection to Motorleaf HEART.